"For Women in Science" Award Ceremony in Bonn

The award ceremony of the program "For Women in Science" with Maïwen Caudron-Herger from our group took place in Bonn on 25th of September 2007. The program is a collaboration of L'Oréal and UNESCO Germany and the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation. It provides support for excellent young female scientists with children, and helps them to bring family obligations and a successful carreer in science in line with each other. The prize was awarded this year for the first time in Germany to the following three women:

Dr. Maïwen Caudron-Herger (left), Genome Organization & Function Group, Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum & Bioquant, Heidelberg

Dr. Petra Ritter (middle), Neurosciences, Charité, Berlin

Dr. Susanne Schreiber (right), Neurophysiology, Charité, Berlin


Maïwen, Petra, and Susanne after the award ceremony. Photo L'Oréal


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