Optogenetics in the cell nucleus: "My brain just BLinCRed"

Our paper on using an optogenetics approach to trace transcription activation in living cells in real-time has been published now in the Journal of Cell Science. After receiving lots of very positive feed back on the preprint at bioRiv ("Whoa - very cool", "My brain just BLinCRed", "Awesome tech towards quantitive models of gene regulation"...) we are happy that the paper has now come out. The BLinCR (Blue Light-Induced Chromatin Recruitment) approach is very versatile and works not only for tethering a transcription factor to chromatin. It can be used just as well for recruiting a protein of choice to the nuclear lamina, the telomeres, nucleoli, PML nuclear bodies etc. So check out our BLinCR toolbox with all constructs being available from Addgene for more exciting applications of the technique.

Rademacher A, Erdel F, Trojanowski J, Schumacher S & Rippe K (2017). Real-time observation of light-controlled transcription in living cells. J Cell Sci published online 9 November 2017. doi: 10.1242/jcs.205534 | Abstract | Reprint (12.3 MB) | Article metrics

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