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Dr. Nikolaus Kepper

Research Interests

My work focuses on the modeling of the 30 nm chromatin fiber by computer simulations. Currently, the main goal is to analyze the effect of the nucleosome geometry and the nucleosome-nucleosome interactions on the fiber conformation. Based on model structures with atomic resolution a new coarse-grained model for the nucleosome geometry was implemented. The dependence of the chromatin fiber conformation on the spatial orientation of nucleosomes, the path of the linker DNA, and length of the linker DNA was systematically explored by Monte Carlo simulations. Two fiber types were analyzed in detail. They represent nucleosome chains without and with linker histones, respectively: two-start helices with crossed-linker DNA and interdigitated one-start helices with different nucleosome tilt angles. The crossed-linker conformation was derived from a tetranucleosome crystal structure that was extended into a fiber. At thermal equilibrium the fiber shape persisted but relaxed into a structure with a somewhat lower linear mass density of 3.1 ± 0.1 nucleosomes/11 nm fiber. Stable interdigitated fibers required local nucleosome tilt angles between 40° and 60°. For these configurations much higher mass densities of up to 8.0 ± 0.2 nucleosomes/11 nm were obtained. A model is proposed, in which the transition between a crossed-linker and interdigitated fiber is mediated by relatively small changes of the local nucleosome geometry. These were found to be in very good agreement with changes induced by linker histone H1 binding as predicted from the atomic model structures.

Scientific Background

  • 2002 to mid 2005 PHD in the group of Prof. C. Cremer, division Applied Optics and Information Processing at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, topic: 'Brownian Dynamics simulations of whole cell nuclei to determine motion patterns of chromosomes and gene regions on the basis of the 1-Mbp SCD model'.

  • since mid 2005 post doctoral fellow in the group of Karsten Rippe, Research Group Genome Organization & Function at the DKFZ Heidelberg. topic: 'Models of chromtin organisation'

  • from 2009 on post doctoral fellow in the group of Michael Hausmann, Research Group Experimentelle Biophysik at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. topic: 'The GLOBE 3D Genome Information System', in collaboration with T.A. Knoch, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

  • from 2014 project manager for IT in the groups Genome Organization & Function (Karsten Rippe) and Theoretical Systems Biology (Thomas Höfer) at the german cancer research center (DKFZ) and BioQuant in Heidelberg with focus on data management of deep senqencing and image data, analysis of deep sequencing data, support and teaching, administration of HPC and compute clusters.


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Dr. Nikolaus Kepper

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