Need for speed – measuring genome interactions in living cells
November 2012 - A second is only a blink of an eye in our daily life. However, a lot is happening within one second to a protein in the nucleus of a living cell. We traced chromatin remodelers in living cells with ms time resolution to dissect their nucleosome interactions. more...

Nucleosome positioning during embryonic stem cell development
October 2012 - In our recent paper in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, we identify features of nucleosome positioning at functional genomic elements during lineage commitment. The results reveal regulatory mechanisms of cell differentiation that involve nucleosome positioning. more...

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Genome Organization & Function

Research focus

The Genome Organization & Function group at the BioQuant is an interdisciplinary research team from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). We combine molecular/cell biology and physics to develop quantitative descriptions that relate the dynamic organization of the (epi)genome with gene expression programs and functional cell states.

RNA in Chromatin Structure Epigenetic Networks Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Chromatin Remodelers Chromatin Fibers Fluorescence Imaging Modeling of DNA Accessibility Single Cell Manipulations Fluctuation Microscopy Deep Sequencing

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