We apply and develop the experimental and theoretical methods listed below to analyze chromatin networks and genome functions that are described under research topics.

Quantitative microscopy

  • Automated fluorescence imaging
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence bleaching techniques

Single Cell Sequencing

  • single cell RNA-seq with 5'-UMI
  • single cell RNA-seq of full length transcripts
  • single cell ATAC-seq to map open chromatin loci

Chromatin editing

  • Optogenetics in the nucleus
  • Lac operator (lacO)/ Lac repressor (LacI) system
  • dCas9 mediated editing
  • Microinjection

Network modeling

  • Chromatin network models
  • Transcription factor activity computation
  • Data analysis of single cell sequencing data

Software download

  • FREDIS (FRAP Reaction Diffusion Solver)
  • MCORE (Multi-scale CORrelation Evaluation)

Material request

Plasmid vectors from our publications are available on request or via Addgene at .