FREDIS (FRAP Reaction Diffusion Solver)


FREDIS (FRAP Reaction Diffusion Solver) is a Java program written for the analysis of Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) experiments. FREDIS features the calculation of the corrected recovery curve as well as the fitting with three different models. Details on FREDIS can be foundin the following publication:

Müller KP, Erdel F, Caudron M, Marth C, Fodor BD, Richter M, Scaranaro M, Beaudouin J, Wachsmuth M & Rippe K (2009). A multi-scale analysis of dynamics and interactions of heterochromatin protein 1 in the nucleus by fluorescence fluctuation microscopy. Biophys J 97, 2876-2885. Abstract | Reprint (3.3 MB pdf file)

FRREDIS license

The FREDIS software is currently provided exclusively for non-commerical purposes in academic research as it is without any warranty or liability whatsoever. To use the software you need a password that will be provided upon

downloading and accepting the FREDIS license agreement

as described in the agreement

Java software downloads

Test data sets

A test data set is included with the software


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