Multi-scale correlation evaluation (MCORE)


MCORE (Multi-scale CORrelation Evaluation) is a software for analyzing deep sequencing data sets. It uses the fluctuation spectrum of mapped sequencing reads to quantify and compare spatial patterns on multiple length scales in a model-independent manner. MCORE can be used to dissect the chromatin domain topology by integrating sequencing data from chromatin immunoprecipitation, RNA expression, DNA methylation and chromosome interaction experiments. Furthemore, it can be applied to construct network models that reflect the relationships among these features on different genomic scales. Details on MCORE can be found in the following preprint:

Molitor J, Mallm JP, Rippe K & Erdel F (2016). Retrieving the topology of chromatin domains from deep sequencing data with correlation functions. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/054049 | Abstract | Preprint (7.0 MB)

If you have technical questions you may contact us per e-mail to mcore at

MCORE license

The MCORE software is currently provided exclusively for non-commerical purposes in academic research as it is without any warranty or liability whatsoever. To use the software you need a password that will be provided upon

downloading and accepting the MCORE license agreement

which is a pdf form you need to fill out and send to secretary_b066 at

Java software downloads

Test data sets

The test data are provided as zipped bed files

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